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While Mark knows and works with many insolvency practioners and bankers who may even be involved in introducing him into a situation, it is important to remember from the outset that when Mark works for you, he works for you and not the bank or the insolvency practitioner.

In many cases you will therefore find that he is the only professional involved who is actively working on your side of the table to help you to understand and deal with the pressures that are being put on you, to best manage your business in the circumstances, turnaround your business and to present your case to your lenders.

  Talking it through

The first step in every case is always an initial meeting to discuss your situation, assess the immediate financial position and to talk through the wider strategic issues facing the business. The object of this meeting is to form a joint view on what actions need to be taken to achieve a turnaround and what help you may, or may not, require.

This initial meeting is always free and there is never any obligation to engage Mark as a result.

  What Mark can do for you

The key areas of turnaround support that Mark offers are:

  • Surviving a cash crisis and managing the risks involved.

    As a turnaround professional Mark has extensive experience in dealing with the highly pressured situations businesses in difficulty find themselves in as he has ‘been there before’. At the same time ,having qualified as an insolvency practitioner with PwC, he is able to assist you in avoiding the very real risks of personal liability that can arise in these circumstances.

  • Support in dealing with an Independent Business Review or IBR and in negotiations with the bank and insolvency practitioner.

    Mark undertook many IBRs while working for PwC and has also worked on the bank side of the fence in a clearing bank’s ‘intensive care’ department. Using his experience he can help you deal with the way an IBR will work and manage the stresses this will place on your business as well as helping you to understand the bank and insolvency practioner’s approach and attitudes.

    By doing so he can help you anticipate their likely responses and reactions and to formulate, prepare and present your plans to them in the way best calculated to achieve the support that you want.

  • Providing turnaround consultancy to help your business recover from its problems and regrow.

    Mark provides expert constructive analysis of your business’s strengths and weaknesses and then works with you to develop and implement a plan to stabilise and regenerate the value of your business. He currently has a number of long term assignments arising out of ‘crisis’ cases where he is helping to grow businesses to be sold for significant sums.
  In addition to his own services, Mark is able to involve his brokerage The Debt Boutique if refinancing arrangements are required and can also call on a wide range of associates and specialists with whom he has worked, such as manufacturing and operational experts.
  Fees and charges

If after your initial meeting you would like to engage Mark’s help, he will provide you with an engagement letter based around the work required and setting out the fees and terms of the contract.

Mark usually charges fees weekly for the first month of an assignment which are payable in advance.

Thereafter fees for any longer or ongoing assignments are by further negotiation and may include an equity interest and/or success fee element to reflect a role in rescuing and then growing a business’s value.

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